Who we are


Quality Policy

Golondrina Trading

We are a Company that develops, produces, condition and exports grains as raw material from Argentina to all over the world. Our long experience in the agriculture business  insures the quality of our service. Managing all aspects of transportation, logistics and export services.  We provide competitive rates to our customers. This ensures that we will consistently meet the needs of our suppliers and customers.

Golondrina Trading Headquarters

Our offices are located in Puerto Madero the center of economic & trade business  and of Buenos Aires,  It is also the most modern part of the city and contains the tallest skyscrapers in the country. Puerto Madero was the focus of a major redevelopment project that saw abandoned brick warehouses in the old port area being refurbished to create upscale offices, residential apartments and amenities. It is now considered an exclusive spot with a great variety of restaurants, five-star hotels and shops

Quality Policy

Our long experience in the agriculture business gave us the capability to manage solutions for a wide range of products. We are familiarized with the export requirements established by each country for each particular product. We have the team and expertise to ensure that your consignment reaches destination on time and in full. This has always been our ultimate goal and most encouraging challenge.